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    Volant Products

    Reliable and socially responsible, our goal is to serve the energy industry using innovative technology to solve problems.

    Volant delivers comprehensive engineering solutions that enable operational success. By integrating tubular installation and consulting expertise and technologies, Volant can protect the integrity of your well by providing more secure barriers. From plan to design to construct, Volant delivers the right solution to maximize operational performance, improve safety and enhance efficiency.

    Our equipment isn’t just smart, it’s tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. We offer robust technologies that are designed, tested and manufactured in-house and then proven where it matters—in the field. Volant’s wide-range of casing running solutions include casing running tools, casing accessories, handling equipment, software analytics, and consulting services. Integrated or stand-alone, our portfolio can substantially reduce the risks, equipment, and personnel requirements associated with traditional casing and liner running activities without sacrificing quality or time.