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    Since pioneering casing-friendly hardband alloys nearly 25 years ago, Arnco has been in the business of protecting pipe.  Our portfolio offers proven solutions to cover the spectrum of wear protection needs. These include products with the lowest casing wear rates in the industry, premium wear-resistant alloys for ultimate protection in cased or open holes, as well as cost-conscious alloys designed to strike a balance between durability and your bottom line.

    Whatever your project requires Arnco can provide the right product at the right price. 

    Arnco Hardbanding Product Comparison

    Arnco’s next generation hardbanding products were designed to be highly compatible, durable, non-cracking alloys that cover the spectrum of wear protection needs by end-users. Whether focused on casing wear reduction or drill string life extension, use of Arnco’s solutions produce real economic benefits for pipe owners and well operators.

    (Wear Resistance)
    Excellent Great Good Best
    Great Best Excellent Good
    Acceptable cracks None None None Micro
    (with leading hardband wires)
    100% 100% <50% NA


    Arnco Field Services delivers peerless quality in application, removal, and repair of hardbanding at your rig location or job site. Our experience with growing and supporting the global hardbanding industry provided us with unique insight in developing training programs and process controls focused on consistent quality and accountability. We have the capacity and competence to hardband all sizes of drill pipe, ferromagnetic drill collars, Non-Magnetic Drill Collars (NMDCs) and workstring tubing connections. Our fleet of mobile hardband units and High Output Grinders deploy from Arnco Field Services hubs which have been established in West Texas, Oklahoma City and Houston. In addition to the complete suite of Arnco products, we are licensed to apply numerous competing products.