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    Gazprom Neft Increases the Efficiency of Developing the Oil Rim of the Chayandinskoye Field

    Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye commissioned the first fishbon on the oil rim of the Chayandinskoye field in Yakutia. The starting flow rate of a multilateral well doubled that of previously used horizontal structures and amounted to about 400 tons per day.

    The first fishbone multilateral well * on the oil rim of the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field (CHNGKM) ** has a main trunk 1.5 km long and 6 side branches up to 830 meters long. The total penetration of the well exceeded 8.1 km, of which 5.2 km – along the productive horizon of the reservoir. This design has significantly increased the coverage of the reservoir and increase the oil recovery ratio. The launch rate of the fishbon exceeded 380 tons per day. This is twice as much as the standard horizontal wells that were used in Chayanda earlier.

    The Chayandinskoye field has a complex geological structure and an abnormally low reservoir pressure. When creating the asset development program, a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the ChNGKM oil rim was used. Specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center Gazprom Neft and Gazpromneft-Zapolyarya carried out about 500 multivariate calculations, comparing the advantages of various types of wells for the production of Chaynda oil. As a result, the bet was placed on the “fishbon”.

    In total, 44 high-tech fishbone-type wells will be drilled at the oil rim of the Chayandinskoye field until 2024. This year 5 such multi-barrel structures will be commissioned. Currently, the company operates 7 oil producing wells in Chayanda and is drilling several more.

    The full-scale development of the ChNGKM oil rim will begin this year. By 2022, it is planned to expand and modernize the oil treatment unit, with a design capacity of 1 million tons per year.At present, Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye is building a 70-kilometer pressure pipeline that will connect the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field with the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean trunk system. The production shelf at the field will be reached by 2023 and will be about 3 million tons of oil equivalent per year.

    “The Chayandinskoye field is unique not only in terms of its reserves, but also in the scale of the challenges that we face here. The development of the oil rim, the reserves of which are classified as hard to recover, is also complicated by the geological features of Chayanda. The key to these deposits is modern drilling methods and wells of complex design. They have already proven their effectiveness and, I am sure, in the future they will help us fully unleash the oil potential of ChNGKM, one of the largest fields in Eastern Siberia. “
    Vladimir Krupenikov

    Vladimir KrupenikovCEO of Gazpromneft-Zapolyarya

    * “Fishbon” (Eng. Fishbone – “fish bone”) – a multilateral well with a special trajectory, in which numerous branches depart from one horizontal trunk. As a result, the well in its shape resembles a fish skeleton.This design allows you to significantly increase the coverage of oil-saturated sections of the reservoir compared to a traditional horizontal well and at the same time requires less drilling than building a separate well for each horizontal well. The well with the “fishbon” trajectory allows each branch to be directed to separate oil sections without touching the adjacent layers with gas or water.

    ** The Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field is located in the Lensky district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The license for the field is owned by PJSC Gazprom. In terms of reserves, the field is classified as “unique”. Recoverable reserves amount to 1.2 trillion cubic meters of gas and 61.6 million tons of oil. Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye LLC develops oil reserves under a long-term risk operator agreement with Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk LLC, which develops the gas part.