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    VSNK Overfulfilled the Plan for Winter Deliveries to the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye Field

    The East Siberian Oil and Gas Company, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, has summed up the results of the operation of temporary winter roads in the Evenki municipal district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. During the winter road period from January to April 2021, the oil workers exceeded the plan for the winter delivery of material and technical resources to the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field, supplying more than 53 thousand tons of cargo to the production site.

    To implement the delivery program, a winter road was built to the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field with a length of more than 230 km, which was also used by the indigenous people of the Evenki municipal district.

    On average, about 30 flights were carried out on the winter road per day – this is about 800 tons of cargo per day. The main nomenclature of cargo includes power, block-modular and chemical equipment, pipes and cables and wires, construction and fuels and lubricants for the construction and maintenance of the field.

    Since the beginning of the year, over 30 thousand tons of oil (1600 oil tankers) have been shipped for the housing and communal services of the northern villages. The shipment in a short period of operation of winter roads helped to solve the strategic task of forming a fuel reserve for the heating season 2021-2022. For many settlements, oil from the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye field remains the main raw material for generating heat and electricity. Providing fuel to consumers in the region is one of the important social obligations of Rosneft in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.