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    Verkhnechonskneftegaz has Introduced Technology for the Rational Use of APG at the Severo-Danilovskoye Field

    The Verkhnechonskneftegaz company, which is part of the oil and gas production complex of NK Rosneft, at the first stage of the development of the Severo-Danilovskoye field, introduced a technology for the rational use of associated petroleum gas (APG) for power generation. For this, a 4 MW mobile power center was commissioned at the field.

    The produced gas is separated and treated directly at the well pad. The power center already provides power to mechanized oil production at well pad No. 1 and the operation of the drilling rig. After the completion of the construction of the overhead power transmission line, power supply will be provided to other oil production facilities of the field, the reservoir pressure maintenance system, as well as the residential community.

    The mobile power center will be the main source of energy until the completion of the 31 MW gas turbine power plant. Prepared associated gas will be supplied to it from the preliminary water discharge unit. After the start-up of the power plant, the field will be fully supplied with electricity from APG.