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    TMK Hosted a Gazprom Neft Conference on Development Methods for the Bazhenov Formation

    The Scientific and Technical Center (STC) of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) in Skolkovo became the site for the strategic session of Gazprom Neft, dedicated to technologies for developing the reserves of the Bazhenov formation, the largest hard-to-recover hydrocarbon deposits located in Western Siberia.

    The event was attended by representatives of TMK’s specialized engineering and research divisions, their colleagues from Gazpromneft – Technological Partnerships, employees of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (KFU), Moscow State University (MSU) and other scientific and educational institutions and industrial companies.

    During the two-day conference, specialists exchanged experience on the development of tertiary development methods for the Bazhenov formation, assessed the current state of projects and developments, as well as further joint work in this direction. The sessions were devoted to the application of thermochemical treatment (TCA) technology, surfactants (surfactants) and the impact on the formation with the use of associated petroleum gas (APG). During the round tables, the accompanying technological and engineering solutions were discussed, including the arrangement of wells and the selection of materials for pipes capable of ensuring the use of such methods.

    In particular, representatives of the Sinarsky Pipe Plant (Sinarsky Pipe Plant (Sinarsky Pipe Plant), which is part of TMK), presented the insulated elevator pipes (TLT) developed at TMK, suitable for the use of THV technology, and also announced their readiness for the development and production of pipe products capable of withstanding an even wider range temperatures.

    “Hydrocarbon production technologies are rapidly evolving, and pipe solutions for field development must meet the challenges facing our partners. One of these challenges is the creation and launch of technology for the effective development of reserves of the Bazhenov formation. The experience of using our pipes for special production conditions is quite extensive, and now we, together with partners, are working on the possibilities of increasing the degree of oil recovery when developing new reserves. To do this, we not only interact on a regular basis within working groups, but also organize thematic sessions with the participation of our colleagues from the scientific community and industry, since this issue can be resolved only with the involvement of broad expertise, ”said the Director for Research, Head STC TMK Igor Pyshmintsev.

    “Development of the Bazhenov formation and similar hard-to-recover reserves is a complex topic that requires completely new technological approaches. One of the aspects is the ways to increase oil recovery, to which we devoted a strategic session. At this stage, there is a selection of the necessary methods of exposure, modes, materials, equipment design and other parameters. We are working on these issues together with our partners – for example, together with TMK, we are researching various grades of steel that are resistant to thermal and chemical influences. Discussion of this and other issues with a wide range of partners will allow us to get closer to the practical implementation of our theoretical developments, ”said Anton Kasyanenko, Deputy General Director for Technological Development of Gazpromneft-Technological Partnerships.