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    The First Domestic Dispersant for the Arctic Sea was Developed with the Support of Gazprom Neft

    Gazprom Neft, together with specialists from the MIPT Engineering Center, has developed a dispersant formulation for oil spill response in ice conditions. It was created taking into account the climatic features of the Arctic seas. Today it is the only Russian reagent for oil spill response at low temperatures. Laboratory tests have shown that its efficiency in ice conditions reaches 80%.

    The unique technology has been created for over two years. To simulate the natural conditions of the Arctic, more than 10,000 liters of water and 400 kilograms of ice were delivered to the MIPT laboratory from the Barents Sea.

    The development of the dispersant was carried out as part of Gazprom Neft’s participation in the Saint Petersburg Energy Technology Hub. In the near future, a technical and economic assessment of a new product is expected, registration of permits for its use and registration of a trademark.

    “The development of a formulation of a unique domestic dispersant for use in ice conditions is an example of successful work that is of great importance not only for Gazprom Neft, but for the industry as a whole. By implementing this project in cooperation with the MIPT Engineering Center, we have taken another important step towards protecting and preserving the Arctic nature. Ensuring safety and caring for the environment is at the core of our approach to implementing technology partnerships with the country’s leading developers. “
    Igor Rustamov 

    Igor Rustamov General Director of Gazprom Neft Shelf
    “Our Center has extensive experience in providing services in the field of technologies for the extraction and processing of minerals. We are actively using the potential of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and other leading institutes, promoting our own technological developments. A joint project with Gazprom Neft to develop a dispersant for use in the Arctic has set us a truly ambitious task – to obtain a unique product, which has no analogues in Russia today. More than two years of work, many tests in conditions as close as possible to real ones have proved the high efficiency of the formula we have created. “
    Timur Tavberidze General Director of the MIPT Engineering Center