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    RN-Vankor: Discovers the Novoognennoye Field with Reserves of 20m Tons of Oil

    RN-Vankor, which is part of the oil and gas production complex of NK Rosneft, has discovered a new field on the border of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The recoverable reserves of the Novoognennoye field have been put on the state balance sheet and amount to over 20 million tons of oil and about 1 billion cubic meters of gas.

    Improving the efficiency of reserves replacement is one of the key elements of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy. The company has committed itself to replenishing at least 100% of the produced hydrocarbons.

    The new field was discovered as part of a comprehensive geological exploration program aimed at increasing the resource base of the Vostok Oil project, the largest and most promising project in the global oil and gas industry. The resource base of the Vostok Oil fields at this stage is about 5 billion tons of light sweet oil.

    Employees of the geological division of the Company carried out 2D seismic works in the amount of 600 linear meters. km, successfully completed work on stimulation of oil flow in an exploration and appraisal well using hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing).

    At present, the corporate research and development institutes are carrying out design documentation for additional exploration of the Novoogennoye field and its preparation for commercial development.

    Owing to the ongoing large-scale geological exploration work at the license areas of the enterprise, the resource potential of the Vankor project has more than doubled since the start of commercial production in 2009. Oil reserves increased by 20%, gas – by 54%.

    In addition to the Novoogennoye field, RN-Vankor geologists have previously discovered the Baikalovskoye, Ichemminskoye and Gorchinskoye fields. RN-Vankor conducts geological exploration at 38 license areas located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.