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    Optimise Field Development and Reduce CAPEX with Help from the new Tracerco Insights Platform

    Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, is expanding its reservoir surveillance capabilities by announcing the launch of its new digital offering – the TracercoTM Insights Platform. Building on over 40 years of experience in providing reliable reservoir flow data, the TracercoTM Insights Platform delivers information in a fast, secure and convenient way, allowing operators to adapt field development strategies, quickly and with confidence.

    With rapid tracer interpretation and cloud-based reporting, the TracercoTM Insights Platform provides an efficient method for information transfer that can be customised to meet specific customer needs. In both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, the data generated allows operators to fully quantify oil, gas and water production contribution from along a wellbore or measure the effectiveness of injection water or gas used during field flooding.

    Paul Hewitt – Tracerco’s reservoir business director commented on the launch of the Insights Platform by stating;

    “The TracercoTM Insights Platform opens up a new and exciting digital pathway for our reservoir surveillance offering. It provides our customers with an innovative solution to track project status, interpret tracer data, visualise reservoir flow, more easily highlight key findings and openly discuss results through two-way dialogue. Using the data, it allows critical reservoir development decisions to be made quickly and confidently.

    In the case of unconventional wells, drilling, completion and geological knowledge is automatically integrated with tracer flow information to provide important stage productivity insights. This allows well landing, stage location, stage design, well spacing and formation selection to be optimised, which in turn, enables our customers to increase hydrocarbon recovery, reduce costs and maximise their return on investment.”

    The TracercoTM Insights Platform is the latest addition to Tracerco’s reservoir surveillance offering and will provide a step change in the industry to help guide future field development strategies and increase the efficiency of hydrocarbon recovery. To find out more, please email tracerco@tracerco.com

    Notes to editors:

    Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey plc, is a global oil and gas service company providing local support through an extensive range of bases and offices worldwide. With approximately 400 people with 30 different nationalities, Tracerco aims to provide its customers with global coverage, with a local service culture.

    Tracerco supplies a wide range of innovative technologies to measure and characterise process conditions and diagnose operational problems across the petroleum industry ranging from reservoir through to refining. Tracerco’s specialist technologies are used to increase production, reduce operating costs and optimise shutdown programmes. For further information about Tracerco, visit www.tracerco.com

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