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    New Record for Daily Drilling Meterage

    A new drilling record has been set at the Yamalo-Nenets field. The well with a horizontal borehole 1197 meters long was drilled in 28.74 days. On average, drillers spent 5.88 days for every 1,000 meters of drilling, with a total footage of 4884 meters. Previously, the best indicator for wells of a similar type in the Pestsovoye field of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug was 6.03 days per 1,000 meters. Works with these indicators were carried out by the team of the drilling company NSH Asia Drilling LLC.

    The development of the oil rims of the Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields by Gazprom Neft is being carried out jointly with Gazprom. The operator agreement for the development of these areas was signed by Gazpromneft-Razvitie in August 2017. At the end of January 2018, Gazprom obtained the right to develop condensate deposits in the Valanginian deposits of the Pestsovoye field.

    It was possible to achieve high results in geologically difficult conditions thanks to the improvement of the drilling planning and management system, as well as the effective implementation of innovative technical solutions. Thus, an expansion calibrator was used in the assembly for drilling a section of the production string, which helped to increase the nominal borehole diameter and reduce the time for running the casing string. Due to the new design of the bit in the horizontal section, it was possible to increase the ROP by 12% compared to the plan. Also, chemical combinations were added to the drilling fluid to inhibit unstable clays, which increased the stability of the wellbore while drilling and shortened the well construction time.

    Sergey Mitrokhin, Head of the Drilling Department, Gazprom Neft Zapolyarye:

    – In this project, the contribution of each team member to the achieved result is valuable. When drilling the well, we adhered to the “Technical Limit” principle. It has been implemented in mining subsidiaries since 2014 and has already covered all the company’s assets. The experience and knowledge we gain in the construction of each facility and the lessons learned are invaluable. They allow us to hone our skills and become better, stronger. I am sure we still have many victories ahead!

    The initial geological reserves of the Pestsovoye field amount to 71 million tons of oil, 18 million tons of condensate and 42 billion cubic meters of gas. En-Yakhinsky reserves are slightly larger – over 137 million tons of oil, 57.5 million tons of condensate and 172 billion cubic meters of gas. One of the performers of the well construction project, NSH Asia Drilling LLC, has been successfully operating in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug since September 2014. The success of the entire process as a whole depends on the skill of the drillers, their experience and applied technologies. For the high professionalism and accuracy of drilling operations, the teams of the NSH Asia Drilling have repeatedly received gratitude and awards from partner companies. After all, the drilling speed, which directly affects the costs of well construction and, accordingly, the commissioning time of the field,

    Vadim Bychkov, Executive Director of NSH Asia Drilling LLC:

    – The components of success, which ensured record indicators, are professionalism, effective teamwork and operational engineering support, which made it possible to carry out work without interruption. I cannot fail to note the leadership qualities of the drilling foremen, who clearly set the task, planned the process in detail and motivated the personnel to fulfill the set goals in the shortest possible time. The obtained positive experience is planned to be scaled within the teams of NSH Asia Drilling LLC and used as a reference in the training programs of the Neftservice Holding training center.

    Alexander Khlopov, director of the territorially separate subdivision “Novy Urengoy”:

    – The Pestsovoye deposit is, first of all, difficult geological conditions. The gigantic experience of well construction accumulated by the specialists of the enterprise helped to secure the record of daily drilling meterage. During the planning of the work, we took into account possible complications in advance and developed preventive measures, assessed the risks in advance and used advanced technical solutions. The drilling process was continuously monitored by all services and managers.

    Artem Voytsekhovich, drilling supervisor:

    – Any record is possible only thanks to well-coordinated teamwork and the use of best practices. Our experience in drilling operations and effective interaction within the team allowed us to complete the task at a high level “


    NSH ASIA DRILLING LLC has been on the drilling market since 2009, the company performs a full range of works and services for the construction of production, exploration, prospecting and appraisal wells. In the process of well construction, we use our own fleet of drilling rigs of various carrying capacities, which will be fully equipped with Intelligent Drilling systems by the end of 2021. The total number of employees of the enterprise is more than 2,000 people. To fulfill the production program, highly qualified workers and specialists are involved, regularly passing certification, which allows the company to maintain a high level of safety and quality of work.