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    Messoyakhaneftegaz’s New Digital Center will Increase Efficiency for Arctic Production

    Messoyakhaneftegaz, a joint venture between Gazprom Neft and Rosneft, has opened an integrated field development center in Tyumen. Remote control technologies for operational processes expand the possibilities for efficient work with hard-to-recover reserves of the Messoyakhskaya group of fields.

    The digital center coordinates all stages of the production cycle at the northernmost mainland oil field in Russia – Vostochno-Messoyakhsky, located on the Gydan Peninsula. The company’s specialists have created a modern complex capable of promptly generating high-precision forecasts and scenarios for the development of the Arctic asset, taking into account the unique geological features of complex Messoyakha formations, technological parameters and infrastructure capabilities.

    Computer models of wells, pipelines, industrial facilities for the preparation of oil and gas create an absolute digital analogue of the Arctic oil field, located almost two thousand kilometers from its virtual copy. Digital twins of 550 wells of the Messoyakha production and injection wells, computer models of 500 km of pipeline systems and hydrocarbon flow are synchronized with real production processes and are able to reproduce the entire production cycle – from reservoir to oil delivery – with an accuracy of 97%.

    Using algorithms of mathematical modeling and machine learning, specialists coordinate the entire operational cycle in an autonomous field, increase the profitability of construction, drilling, production and preparation of hydrocarbons in the Arctic autonomy.

    “The development of a portfolio of digital solutions and the transformation of key business processes allow the company to fully and dynamically realize its technological and intellectual potential. Integrated development centers and smart production management systems are already operational in nearly ten of the company’s assets. Our partners are also involved in the change process: we open up access to common digital services for colleagues, jointly develop new business models and software products within the perimeter of a single ecosystem. Fundamentally new technological solutions and the introduction of non-standard approaches to the development of difficult oil give the company the opportunity to become a benchmark in the field of creating digital fields and new models of oil production management. We count
    Vadim Yakovlev 

    Vadim Yakovlev Deputy General Director for Exploration and Production, Gazprom Neft

    The Messoyakhaneftegaz Integrated Center is the result of a comprehensive digital transformation of Gazprom Neft’s exploration and production unit. As part of large-scale changes, the company is restructuring key business processes and creating digital clusters of smart fields based on Industry 4.0 technologies and flexible multidisciplinary teams.

    “Today we work not only with large volumes of oil, but also with large volumes of data. The capacities of the integrated center allow us to quickly, in real time, receive complex analytics, without spending valuable human resources on this expertise, and form accurate operational forecasts for any time period. This gives the Messoyakha cross-functional team the opportunity to focus on the main thing – safe and efficient work with difficult Arctic reserves, development of our strategic potential in the field of rational subsoil use. “
    Alexey Kan 

    Alexey Kan General Director of Messoyakhaneftegaz