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    Gazprom Neft: Together with Partners, is Concentrating on Maintaining the Stability of the Oilfield Services Market

    Gazprom Neft held an annual meeting with partners that provide oilfield services. The online conference brought together over 150 representatives of the company and contractors.

    One of the most important topics of the meeting was the preservation of the stability of the oilfield services market in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to fulfill obligations under the OPEC + deal. The conference participants came to the conclusion that in the current conditions it is important to concentrate maximum efforts on finding long-term solutions for cooperation that will allow both Gazprom Neft and its partners to maximize the level of efficiency and competitiveness. For its part, Gazprom Neft is taking active steps to maintain a balanced level of orders from oilfield service companies.

    Representatives of contractors and Gazprom Neft confirmed their readiness to jointly implement strategic projects and fixed specific areas of partnership in  2020-2021. Among the investment priorities of Gazprom Neft were highlighted projects, such as the construction of a gas transmission infrastructure at the Novoportovskoye field and the development of the Tazovskoye field, as well as strategic initiatives, including the development of oil and gas facilities in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region and the development of the Bovanekovskoye, Kharasaveysky and Urengoysky deposits.

    The conference participants discussed issues of maintaining a high level of industrial safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also shared their experience and plans for the introduction of new technologies that increase the efficiency of interaction. As part of this area, Gazprom Neft intends to continue developing such digital tools as an electronic signature and a single digital platform for resource planning, timing and task control.

    “The tone and quality of the discussion showed that we have the same view of the tasks that are relevant to us. In a very difficult time, we successfully and timely find a solution to the issues of current interaction and develop important mechanisms for this, such as the Code of Interaction with Contractors, the contract performance management system, 360 assessment mechanisms. The next step in strengthening partnership with the oilfield services sector should be the creation of a platform where ideas will be developed and implemented that will maximize the efficiency of our work. Another important task is the development and integration of digital ecosystems of interaction ”.
    Vadim Yakovlev 

    Vadim Yakovlev Deputy General Director of Gazprom Neft for Exploration and Production

    In turn, a representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, who took part in the conference, spoke about the state program to support oilfield service companies.

    “In the oilfield services industry support program, which is being implemented by the RF Ministry of Energy, Gazprom Neft has taken the most active position among oil and gas companies. The measures taken by the oilmen are very important to support the oilfield services sector during the pandemic and restrictions under the OPEC + deal. ”
    Dmitry Shvedov Deputy Director of the Oil and Gas Production and Transportation Department of the Russian Ministry of Energy