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    Gazprom Neft and Tsifra Set up a Joint Venture to Develop Digital Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Gazprom Neft and Tsifra have set up a joint venture Digital Industrial Platform to develop a digital industrial platform and promote new technological solutions for the oil and gas industry.

    The joint venture plans to launch a digital production management platform for the oil and gas industry in 2021. New digital products of the company will be aimed at solving problems in centralizing operational management, creating digital twins using artificial intelligence technologies.

    The industrial platform of the Internet of Things ZIIoT and digital services for oil refining, developed by Tsifra Group, will become the technological base for the joint venture. As well as the developments of Gazprom Neft related to the management of technological processes in the oil and gas industry. Gazprom Neft experts will provide industry expertise and access to big data and production sites for testing technological developments. Tsifra will ensure the promotion of the joint venture’s products in foreign markets, mainly in the countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America, where the company is already actively working. The licenses sold will be implemented by customer service departments and system integrators.

    About 100 people will work on solving digital problems of the company. The company’s headquarters will be located in St. Petersburg.

    “The creation of a joint venture with Tsifra is a logical step in our long-standing cooperation. We assess the market of digital products for production management in Russia as very promising: the total volume of the cost of licenses only in the segment “oil refining, petrochemistry, chemistry” is 19.5 billion rubles. The new company will combine the best technological competencies of Gazprom Neft and Tsifra, which will allow it to occupy its own niche in the market and offer the best digital solutions to improve the efficiency of Gazprom Neft’s business.
    Andrey Belevtsev 

    Andrey Belevtsev Director for Digital Transformation, Gazprom Neft
    “We decided to join forces after several years of fruitful cooperation. The participation of Gazprom Neft will strengthen the experience of Tsifra and open access to invaluable technology practice for developers. No IT developer can afford such a number of petroleum engineers, oil refining and production specialists that Gazprom Neft will provide. We expect that these local specialists and specific sites such as fields, refineries and petrochemical enterprises will accelerate product development, add depth, practical focus and make them competitive not only in the Russian but also international markets. By creating a joint venture, we will bring the spirit of development, technological interpretation, innovation, and avoid the “problems” faced by innovative departments,
    Alexander Smolensky General Director of the “Digital Industrial Platform”