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    Axel: Achieves 2 bps Downhole Data Transmission and 1st Independent Triple Combo

    2x faster penetration rate reached using Axel telemetry system on a Lukoil well by Kogalymneftegeofizika in September of 2019.

    In September of 2019  on a Lukoil well Kogalymneftegeofizika conducted a field test of Axel telemetry system. It was used to horizontally drill more than 500 meters. A triple combo sensors system used along included: directional/gamma, resistivity, and neutron porosity/litho-density logging tools.

    Axel telemetry system enabled record-breaking 2x faster penetration rate reaching a maximum of 60 meters per hour. The ground-breaking bandwidth of 2.01 bits per second ensured faster penetration rate without sacrificing the quality and density of information transferred from sensors in real-time.

    In contrast, before using Axel telemetry system the maximum penetration rate on this well was only 30 meters per hour, at a bandwidth of 1 bit per second.

    Therefore, Axel telemetry system can increase the penetration rate by a factor of 2, hence cutting your costs in 2!