Tengizchevroil: 100 More Wells Planned to 2022

In January-September of 2017, Tengizchevroil LLP produced 21.4 million tons of oil at the Tengiz field. During this period, in 2016, 20.3 million tons of oil (160 million barrels) were produced.

“In 2008, TCO completed the project for the injection of crude gas and the second-generation plant, resulting in a daily oil production of approximately 75,000 tonnes (600,000 barrels) and daily production of 22 million cubic meters (750 million cubic feet) . From January to September 2017, crude oil production in Tengiz amounted to 21.4 million tons (171 million barrels), “the company’s press service said.

TCO exports crude oil via various routes, delivering it to Novorossiysk via the CPC pipeline, by rail to Odessa, Taman and Aktau, then to Batumi and Kulevi. Tengizchevroil produces 26-27 million tons of oil at the Tengiz field. After completion of the expansion of Tengizchevroil’s capacity at Tengiz, production will reach 39 million tonnes per year.

130 wells were drilled at the field, and up to 2022, according to the drilling program, 100 more wells are planned to be commissioned.