SamaraNIPIneft: Developing SAGD Technology for Heavy Oil

Specialists of SamaraNIPIneft LLC (part of the Rosneft Corporate Research and Development Complex) have developed a technology for the development of deposits of high-viscosity oil, which consists of additional drilling of an injection well with thermal effects on the formation. This solution allows to achieve a 30% increase in the economic efficiency of the project, and the effect is greater, the greater the thickness of the reservoir being developed.

The development of technological potential is one of the key elements of the Rosneft 2022 strategy. The company pays special attention to innovation and the use of breakthrough digital and technological approaches, identifying technological leadership as a key factor in competitiveness in the oil market.

Highly viscous oils are hard-to-recover reserves – hydrocarbon reserves, which, for geological reasons, are economically either unattractive or inefficient to produce for geological reasons. The main deposits of high-viscosity oil of the Company are concentrated in the strata of Western Siberia – over 6 billion tons.

The technology for the development of high-viscosity oil deposits has been patented and is planned to be tested on the U-2 formation of the Karabikulovskoye field in the Samara region.