Saltel Industries: Completes Over 60 Wells with Xpandable ECP Packer in Western Siberia

Saltel Industries, records 100% success with its External Casing Packer (ECP), in off-bottom cementing application in Western Siberia.

The client, one of the biggest operators in Russia, holds numerous oil fields in West Siberia region, around the city of Novi Urengoy. These fields represent a significant share of its overall oil production.

Saltel ECP – off-bottom cementing campaign in Russia

The client found an effective way to reduce the drilling time by switching from standard design (9-5/8in conductor casing, followed with 7in production string, and 4.5in liner), to new well design (two-string horizontal well: 9-5/8in conductor casing followed by a 7in – 5.5in dual-string. The 7in section is cemented to surface while the 5.5in section made of Multistage Fracturing components remains uncemented in 8.5in hole. As a result, an entire stage in the drilling cycle is saved. The client also gets a larger contact surface with the reservoir.

To achieve this change, the customer was searching for a reliable ECP to perform the Off-bottom cementing of the top section of the Dual-Casing string. More specifically the packer must be stronger than conventional inflatable packers to withstand severe running conditions due to the specific geology in the Priobskoye Oil Field and must ensure a efficient isolation during cementing and stimulation operations.

The client selected Saltel Xpandable ECP for its solid design and its field-proven slack off weight and torque capacities during the running in hole (RIH). Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers demonstrate remarkable robustness in the field. Operators can work the string in the event that they get stuck in a restriction, and very fast wiper trip.

65 Xpandable ECPs – 7in (Crimped design) were run and installed in 65 wells, acting as base for cement and as complimentary barriers to both seal the annulus and protect the cement.

Each ECP, combined with a Stage collar, is located at the very bottom of the 7in section (depth…), above the 5.5in Multistage Fracturing completion. At depth, the packer is expanded in 8.66in nominal hole with less than 3,000 psi of pressure. The ECP valve closes permanently the expansion port restoring the casing integrity. A further increase of internal pressure activate the stage collar. Cement can now be pumped above the ECP which provides a 5,000 psi rated annular barrier. This metal barrier in the annulus will also protect the cement from future HP stimulation.

Together with the AZIP Packer and the FracPacker, Saltel Xpandable ECP is one of the 3 main product segments of Saltel Xpandable Steel Packer product line. Saltel ECP is mainly used in cementing applications to backup weak or bad quality cement, in off-bottom cementing requirements, or to allow multiple cement stages in case of loss zones encountered during the drilling phase.

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