Rosneft: Erginsky Cluster Production Exceeds 6,000 Tons a Day

Oil Company has reached the level of production of more than 6 thousand tons of oil per day at the Erginsky cluster of fields. On January 1 2018. the indicator of oil production was 2,250 tons, an increase from the beginning of the year amounted to 285%. The cumulative production in less than a year of exploitation of the field exceeded more than 1.2 million tons.

The systematic increase in performance was made possible by the introduction of new capacities, the construction of production infrastructure, the introduction of advanced drilling technologies and the implementation of a set of geological and technical measures.

A significant role in increasing production volumes is played by the successful implementation of the development drilling strategy – its volume exceeded 1 million meters. The commercial penetration rate has increased by almost 5% since the beginning of the year.

At the Kondinsky field, the capacities of the Central Collection Point (CPS) reached 2.3 million tons of oil and more than 120 million m3 of gas per year, the construction of 11 cluster sites was completed, and the shift camp expanded. A 68 km pipeline provides supply of marketable oil to the trunk oil pipeline system.

At the same time, in the West Erginsky field of the cluster, a booster pumping station and a field support base are being prepared for commissioning, where comfortable conditions are created for shift workers. Completed pipeline construction 50km from the CSN of the West Erginsky field to the Kondinsky CPS. The development of the field is carried out using the infrastructure of the Kondinsky field, which gives an additional synergistic effect.

The use of modern technologies, high efficiency of drilling operations and completion systems, the introduction of advanced solutions to optimize the development of deposits provide high efficiency of new wells and allow you to confidently plan a future strategy for the development of cluster fields.