Orenburgneft Introduces a Unique Technology for the Development of Hard-to-Recover Reserves

Specialists at Orenburgneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft, conducted successful pilot tests of an innovative technology for developing hard-to-recover reserves.

The technology consists of thermogas-chemical exposure to a solution of mixtures that, under the influence of an activating substance, trigger a chemical reaction inside the formation. Under the influence of temperature, the viscosity of the oil decreases, its mobility increases, which allows a significant increase in oil recovery. In addition, the sudden release of a large amount of gases causes changes within the reservoir and allows you to put into operation areas with fixed or slow-moving oil.  

The development of technological potential is one of the key elements of the Rosneft 2022 strategy. The company pays special attention to innovation and the use of breakthrough digital and technological approaches, identifying technological leadership as a key factor in competitiveness in the oil market.     

The duration of the effect after treatment of the bottomhole zone lasts more than 8 months. The technology was tested on the layers of the Bobrovsky and Skvortsovskoye fields and confirmed its technological and economic efficiency. As a result of the work carried out in total, only two pilot wells additionally produced more than 2 thousand tons of oil.