Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) and Phoenix Technology Services Russia: Record-Breaking Borehole in Eastern Siberia – a 1720 m Long Horizontal Section without RSS Technology

On August 08, 2018, INK-SERVICE, LLC together with Phoenix Technology Services Russia, LLC reached the final depth of 4676.4 m on well No. 833, Pad 216 at the Yarakta field. A 1720 m-long horizontal section was drilled without using RSS technology.

Yuri Sergeev, Deputy Director-General for Drilling, Irkutsk Oil Company, OJSC:

“During the drilling of this well, Phoenix TSR would provide the complete package of drilling process automation services, working in close collaboration with the Engineering Center of INK-Service, LLC, with field production engineers and drillers of INK-Service, LLC, as well as with specialists of INK, OJSC.

The horizontal section with a diameter of 152.4 mm and a length of 1720 m was drilled without any non-productive time, using standard 120 mm 7/8 lobe mud motors. In addition to this equipment, Phoenix TSR provided its Stream Service, essentially an electronic system for automating drilling processes. This system includes an auto-drill function (an automatic WOB control system) as well as real-time transfer of all drilling parameters and reports from the drilling rig with simultaneous statistical processing. Another service that we used is called Slider, an electronic system that imposes a right-left rocking motion on the drill string during directional drilling. It is important to note that the equipment itself does not guarantee end-to-end success – a key factor in the successful implementation of this project was the competence of the field personnel and design engineers. At the planning stage, well projects of such a degree of complexity in terms of both geological and technological wellbore targeting conditions require that engineering calculations for drilling without RSS be performed accurately. When drilling, it is equally important to ensure that the unique capabilities provided by new technology are correctly applied.”