Hardbanding Solutions: Launches Twin Torch System for Skye Mobile Hardbanding Unit

Skye optional Twin Torch System enables even faster removal, repair and re-hardbanding application.

Hardbanding Solutions are continually working to make Hardbanding as efficient and cost-effective as possible. For those customers who must remove cracked or damaged hardbanding, we developed our laboratory tested procedure for complete removal, tool joint repair and re-hardband in one heat cycle, without the tool joint needing to leaving the chuck.

Now things are even quicker and simpler! By adding a second welding torch and wire feeder, as an optional extra, there is no need to change the spools and re-feed the wire between processes. Simply swap one torch loaded with build-up wire and replace with the other loaded with hardbanding wire.

The welding machine automatically stores parameters for each weld material according to which torch is selected.  We understand that every minute counts, and we’re sure there isn’t a faster solution to what was traditionally a timely and costly procedure.