Digital tools “Gazprom Oil” will increase the efficiency of drilling

Gazprom Neft’s scientific and Technical Center has developed the industry’s first self-training program to optimize costs in the construction of complex horizontal wells. Replication of the development on the assets of the company will reduce the costs of creating new wells by approximately RUB 1 billion and will reduce the time of their drilling. Innovative technology helps engineers of the company in real time on indirect parameters to clarify the Geology of the formation and, if necessary, to make a decision on the adjustment of the drilling trajectory.

During the construction of wells, it is necessary to monitor the trajectory of drilling in order to remain within the boundaries of the oil reservoir. To do this, use sensors that transmit information about the surrounding rock from the drilling equipment. However, now even the most modern devices due to structural features can be located only 15-30 meters from the bit. The data comes with a certain delay, creating the risk of going beyond the productive zone.
Gazprom Neft has developed a new digital tool to solve this problem. The program uses machine learning to quickly analyze the parameters coming directly from the drilling equipment — the level of vibration, the speed of drilling and rotor rotation, the load on the bit. These indicators vary depending on the characteristics of the formation, allowing you to quickly determine the composition of the rock, without waiting for the data from the sensors on the drilling tool itself. This approach helps to quickly manage drilling in cases where the design location of the reservoir is different from the actual one.

The program itself is trained during operation, the forecast of the composition of the surrounding rock becomes more accurate with each drilled meter. The technology can be adapted to work in different fields. It has successfully passed industrial tests on the assets of Gazpromneft-Yamal — the accuracy of predicting the change of rock during drilling was 70%.

«Работа в нефтяной отрасли тесно связана с технологическими вызовами. Это стимулирует нас развиваться и внедрять новые цифровые инструменты, которые помогают оптимизировать производственные процессы. Используя передовые технологии, мы выходим на новый уровень эффективности», ‒ отметил начальник Центра управления бурением «ГеоНавигатор» Виталий Корябкин/