Deep Casing Tools: Launches Drill Pipe Swivel

Mechanical Locking Mechanism

The Drill Pipe Swivel tool can be run on any string where potential problems exist in reaching target depth due to torque and drag issues – typically in long, horizontal extended reach drilling (ERD) wells.

The Drill Pipe Swivel enables the drill pipe to be rotated above the liner hanger in an ERD well, which reduces drag, redistributes friction and mitigates helical buckling of the work-string. It also increases the available weight to push completions and liners to target depth in ERD wells, without the conventional need for heavy-weight drill pipe, collars and friction reducing subs.

The tool has been designed to feature a 100% mechanical locking mechanism, to mitigate any hydraulic concerns. It can be locked at any time, and prevented from swivelling immediately, with a simple, mechanical manipulation of the drill-string. Once locked, the tool and string can be rotated to the right or left, in compression or in tension.