Arconic: Siberian Service Company Approves the Use of their Aluminium Drill Pipes

 has developed new lightweight aluminum-alloy drill pipes in its Samara (Russia) facility, and they have successfully passed rigorous quality and field trials in Siberia. After seven months of testing, Siberian Service Company, a market leading domestic drill company, has issued an official reference letter that opens new opportunities for the commercial sale of Samara drill pipes to the biggest drilling contractors.

As stated in the reference letter, “Samara’s drill pipes proved its technical characteristics in harsh climate and geological conditions. We testify that this product meets the industry standards and recommend it for using in operation and maintenance phase.”

Production of drill pipes began in Samara in 2017 to provide the domestic shale market with a broad mix of drill pipes, including those produced from proprietary alloys, to ensure specified strength at extra high operating temperatures. Their unique technical parameters allow oil and gas customers to achieve economic efficiencies at deeper depths.

“We expect that unique properties of our aluminum solutions will serve as a basis for long term co-projects between our Samara plant and O&G companies”, said Maxim Smirnov, Country President, Arconic Russia.